Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ska Band Names

I love how third wave ska bands used the word "ska" in their band names. I mean that it was so awful it made for a good laugh. For some reason I can't think of many right now and I think I need some help. Don't get me wrong though, the two I can remember are fuggin' HUMDINGERS.

Skabba The Hutt

Carne Askada

How GOOD are those?

So anyways, if one of you bored readers can leave a comment so I can list these gems, it would be most appreciated. It's interactive blogging. This is OUR blog people. Togetherness.




bakaboo said...

Not as good but terrible nonetheless. . . Mephiskapheles and Francheska.
Worst ska band I could remember was Mustard Plug.

On the other side, a couple of bands who did it right. . . The Skatalites, Yeska

i love ska said...

skankin' dickle