Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Chords

Have you heard of The Chords? They were a great mod revival band from late 70s, early 80s. They were SO good, but unfortunately were overshadowed by The Jam. They sounded extremely similar, some even accusing them being a ripoff, but it's just not true. Both bands shared the same influences and the same scene. They released one album, Maybe Tomorrow and a handful of singles before firing their frontman Billy Hassett and eventually disbanding. If you love the sound of the Jam, find Maybe Tomorrow, and it's almost like having a lost album. The out of print lp goes for 50-60 bucks and the cd I believe is sadly out of print as well.

Hear these great songs on the Youtube links below.

The Chords - Now It's Gone 1979

The Chords - Maybe Tomorrow 1980


Michael said...

C'mon, Mar. I think we both know I have. Can I call you Mar?

Mario Orduno said...

I prefer the complete version, Mario, but fuck it. The Chords are good shit regardless.