Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mitt Romney Chooses Ebonics As A Way To Garner Votes On MLK Day

Soooooooooooo. Mitt Romney. On Martin Luther King Day, in Florida, at an event honoring MLK, Mr. Romney chose to come out for some photo ops. He selects a nice group of black youth and instead of "cheese", says, "Who let the dog's out, WOOT WOOT.".

Unbelievable? Watch.

Later at this same event, he shakes an African American toddler's hand and says, "What's happenin', you got some BLING BLING here too.". You can find a 2:48 version of this on Youtube with those two snippets and more.

I'm not saying he's a racist....I'm just sayin' he's got an odd way to communicate with black youth. It's just funny how clueless this fool is. Who let the dog's out. C'MON. He's lucky he didn't get 187'd.

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