Friday, January 25, 2008

Kurt Cobain Top 50 Records

I think Kurt Cobain might have been a drag to chill with, but to listen to records together, him and I would have gotten along famously. I forgot about this list for a while. It's Kurt's Top 50 albums list. So many great records are on it. And so many of MY favorites. I most definitely would have chosen some different albums by the artists though. Like Green by R.E.M.? No holmes, Reckoning. So let's take a gander at this list shall we?

50. Raping a Slave - Swans...I don't like the Swans.

49. Mazzy Star - Mazzy Star...I love what's her face. Both lps and the Jesus And Mary Chain duet.

48. Over the Edge - Wipers...Perfect.

47. Youth of America - Wipers...Perfect!

46. Is This Real? - Wipers...Alright already.

45. The Man Who Sold the World - David Bowie...I prefer Aladdin Sane, Lodger and Low.

44. Beach Party - Marine Girls...Fuck I wish I had a record by them. I'd kill for one.

43. Takes a Nation of Millions - Public Enemy...I'd have a hard time picking between this and Fear Of A Black Planet.

42. Flowers of Romance - Pil...Brave choice, but I'll take Second Edition.

41. The Record - Fear...Not a big Fear fan. Some songs I guess. Singer kinda blows.

40. Damaged - Black Flag...I love it, sure. But I think I'd pick all four singers before Hank any day. But I get it. This album is borderline perfect.

39. Locust Abortion Technician - Butthole Surfers...Prepare to crucify me. I don't dig The Buttholes that much. Definitely nowhere NEAR my Top 50.

38. We are those who Ache Amorous Love...I don't know and I don't care.

37. Meet the Beatles - Beatles...All early and mid era Beatles could go on here. Just so ya know my fave is Beatles For Sale. Oh my favorite songs? Paul's "I've Just Seen A Face", John's "Across The Universe" and's too hard.

36. Generic Flipper - Flipper...Again, I'd KILL for this record. Ha Ha Ha is my jam though, and that was just a single.

35. Yip Jump Music - Daniel Johnston...Love it. Casper The Friendly good.

34. Superfuzz Bigmuff - Mudhoney...Wouldn't come closs to MY 50, but I get it.

33. Last Sessions Vol 1 - Leadbelly...Sure, sure. The blues and stuff.

32. Tales of Terror - Tales of Terror...I don't know this. I'll check it.

31. Jamboree - Beat Happening...I love all things K Records and all things Rough Trade Records. This was on BOTH.

30. Rites of Spring - Rites of Spring...Don't even get me started. In maybe my top 25.

29. Void/Faith EP - Void/Faith...ditto ditto ditto number 30. Fucking so fucking perfect. Who are you, why am I here?!?!?!?

28. Combat Rock - Clash...Eh..NO WAY JOSE. Are you serious Kurt dog? Why not toss the Cut The Crap lp in for good measure? Anyway, it's all the records BEFORE Combat Rock that would go on here.

27. Typical Girls - Slits..I'd just put Cut but he was probably trying to be cool and weird.

26. Burning Farm Cassette - Shonen Knife...I REALLY don't like Shonen Knife.

25. Green - R.E.M....Reckoning, homer.

24. What is This? - Punk Comp California...?

23. Rocks - Aerosmith...I don't want to close my eyyyyyyyes, I don't want to fall asleep, cuz I miss you babe, and I don't want to miss a tha-ang.

22. Colossal Youth - Young Marble Giants...God BLESS it this record is perfect.

21. Raincoats LP - Raincoats...Would KILLLLLLLLLLLL.

20. Anything by: - Kleenex...Yes, yes, I agree.

19. Know Your Product - The Saints...I would just out the whole record, Eternally Yours.

18. Get the Knack - The Knack...Hate The Knack

17. Daydream Nation - Sonic Youth...Or Sister, Or Experimental Jet Set.

16. Dry - P.J. Harvey...Eh. Whatever. Ok. It's just not on my top 250 is all.

15. It's only Right and Natural - Frogs...I don't know about these fools. I'd have to REALLY give them another look.

14. Nevermind the Bollocks - Sex Pistols...No derrrrr.

13. Entertainment - Gang of Four...Ditto.

12. Rock for Light - Bad Brains...No! Self titled!! Pay To Cum and all those jams.

11. My War - Black Flag...We already addressed this situation.

10. Pee Pee the Sailor - Butthole Surfers...We already addressed this situation.

09. 1st EP - Saccharin Trust...I don't give a FUCK about this record.

08. 1st EP - Scratch Acid...Wouldn't make MY top 50, but this is good.

07. Millions of Dead Cops - M.D.C....ok.

06. Land Shark - Fang...Suck And Fuck and Skinheads Smoke Dope are my jams.

05. Philosophy of the World - Shaggs..Whatever weirdo. This shit is awful and that's aimed at you too, Jack White. Fucking bozo.

04. Pink EP - The Vaselines...EVERYTHING Vaselines.

03. POD - Breeders...wtvr.

02. Surfer Rosa - The Pixies...double wtvr.

01. Raw Power - The Stooges...Agreed.


Melissa XO said...

Nice solid posting jobbers.

bakaboo said...

thanks for this post. ok. agreed that pre-rollins black flag should be the choice. . . my war and most of slip it in are surely worthy contenders. slant 6??

Caleb Santiago said...

I think its great that you have such a distinct personal opinion on what specific music fills your soul, but this is kurts list...right? To be quite honest..i dont give a shit which flag album you prefer, i dont care about your teenaged comments, everyone has their own list and its quite ridiculous that would disrespect kurt but putting down his choices. These albums are what made the man and lets just leave it at that.

Mario Orduno said...


> H_EX M>A C H IN * E < said...

Locust abortion Technician is probably the MOST PUNK record on the list. It is a work of utter Genius. GENIUS. Go listen and learn.
oh and take mushrooms while yr at it.

Anonymous said...

That's a list Kurts fav albums, so stupid comments like "uh, well I would prefer" or "don't know don't care" are just... stupid. You are really in no position to question his choices. Post a list of your favs if you have to let the world know what you like

Skull Kontrol said...
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Skull Kontrol said...

Get a life anonymous.

Anonymous said...

maybe #24 could be this one:

Anonymous said...

no one gives a shit about your opinion. you are half retarded if you think pre-rollins 'flag is better than damaged and on.

Mario Orduno said...

Hahaha. Anonymous, YOU give a shit. I upset you, you poor thing. Pre Rollins Black Flag is better. Toodles turkey.

Anonymous said...

Kurt would probably think of you as a fan, a fake, a phony.

Mario Orduno said...

Haha, "Kurt", like you knew him. Dude you are a fucking loser. I love that all you geeks are offended. Start your own dumb blog and write your own opinions there. This is MY dumb blog and I will write whatever I want. xo

Kareeeeem said...

I like how people act as if this list is sacred scripture or something.

Nice commentary on the list. In the process of going through it myself.

Skull Kontrol said...

Kareeeeem what a refreshing perspective...can u believe these losers?