Monday, November 12, 2007

The Future Is Unwritten

And evidently Joe Strummer's past is BORING. Fuck me, man. Snooze ALERT. The Future Is Unwritten is so fucking boring I fell asleep during the "good" part. The Clash portion. I almost want everyone to see it so that I can get a little feedback.

Man oh man the preview made it look good. And directed by Julien Temple?? What the hell happened? I'll tell you what happened. Joe Strummer was a boring ass son of a gun that had an incredible voice and even more incredible lyrics.

Let me break down some notables.

Johnny Depp (??) interviewed in full pirate's regalia. Why Johnny Depp? And why in pirate's garb? You're really going to force me to watch those double chin braids dangle while trying to get a lil' info on The Clash?

Steve Buscemi, Anthony Kiedis, Martin Scorcese interviewed? Why? Fuck it, let's trot out Bill Cosby, Duane "Dog" Chapman and Paula Poundstone for their take on the dude.

Listen to me. STOP interviewing Bono for these films. PLEASE. I've had enough. Do you know he said the exact same thing in the Morrissey doc that he said in the New Order doc? How lame is that? He called both Ian Curtis and Morrissey "an orginal of the species". Fuck you Bono Vox.

Ok, biggest notable. No Paul Simenon. Says a lot if you ask me.

Here's your trailer, but don't be fooled, the trailer rules. The movie SUCKS.

For better examples of Julien Temple's good work see The Great Rock & Roll Swindle, The Filth And The Fury, The Babyshambles "Blinding" video, and the "God Save The Queen" promo video.


Melissa XO said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah hhhhhhhhhha!!!! Oh Bono...

cdew said...

most important missing part of review: was bono wearing sunglasses?

Mario Orduno said...

Bono had glasses on. At night. And they were huge.