Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Carrots // New Favorite Band

A while back I set up a show for Finally Punk, an all girl punk band from Austin, Texas. I was excited to do it and it was a great night. They were super fun and great to hang out with.

Little did I know they had a secret and it was better than Finally Punk! Well, not better, that's not fair. Finally Punk are awesome. But holy shit you gotta meet The Carrots! It's 3/4 of Finally Punk with 3 more members totaling 6. They play pop music influenced by 60s girl groups. I was immediately sucked in to their songs. They perform in matching outfits and they're cute as fuck. Even the dudes in the band. You can't play this music and NOT be cute.

And Veronica's last name is Ortuno, which is one letter away from Orduno.

Pease check this here link for their Myspace

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