Wednesday, July 18, 2007

San Francisco Day 1.

We left at 7:30 in the goddamn morning. Oddly enough, we left in an organized and timely fashion. Very rare. Me and Brandon picked up Dimitri (Booty Bassment) and we were off to pick up Andrew and then Megan in LA. We had a small group and a light load due to Brian (The Prayers' drummer) not being able to make the trip. Who cares about the drive, right? The only thing I'll add is that "Cowschwitz" fucking stinks in central California. Poor things. All cooped up.

The Knockout was the venue for the Friday show/club. I really like it there. It's a perfect size, small yet big enough. It also has a lot of character. I don't want to say dingy, because it sounds bad...but it's worn in you know? Also the staff there is really nice and generous. Free drinks all night and no questions or limits. Considering the price a bar pays for alcohol, isn't that the way it should be? I played records by myself for the first hour or so, and then The Vultures arrived. Totally late, mind you, due to a tire blowout. So it was a kind of a stressful vibe for a while. But they went on and they shredded. I know I've said this before, but they are getting better EVERY time they play. Since the crowd had very little knowledge of The Vultures, they were a bit stand offish, which I know bugs Chuck, but they did dig it and applauded loudly after each song. I think next time will be even better for them, now that the single is out and they've played up there.

After they played, I played more records while Ye Olde Prayers set up. They set up with a stand up drum set and each one of them played drums while the other two played guiter, bass and/or sang. I think it sounded great. Honestly, I think they should try this set up more often. It could use some more practice and maybe some changes but I loved it, and I think anybody who had seen them in the traditional set up liked it too. Considering the time they had to figure out what they would do without Brian, I commend them. (Look at my fuggin' dogs..all able and stuff.) The crowd were a little closer for The Prayers and they were recieved well. Really well. The only reasons I think the crowd got a little closer and offered a warmer reception were that they were drunker, and the place was filling and there was less room.
After The Prayers, Dimitri and Ryan (Booty Bassment) started their thing. The place was all full and shit and the dancefloor was packed. Dimitri and Ryan are amongst my favorite djs by the way. So good at what they do and far more original than the cookie cutter djs you find in most dance clubs. They played a ton of soul, oldies and hip hop. Rap and junk. I want to work with them in the future. Oh shit. BOOTY KONTROL @ THE CASBAH SAN DIEGO TOMORROW NIGHT WITH THE PRAYERS, ROMAN SPRING AND BOOTY/SKULL DJS. HA.

After the bar closed we hung out and drank and I got a chance to chat with the owner. I'm was real pleased with his appreciation of the night. He asked if we'd be interested in coming back in any capacity. So I think I'm going to try and set up a night once a month. I'm telling you, this place rules. They pay really well too. And give free drinks? Maybe I was in heaven and NOT The Knockout.

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fifty on their heels will play your night...

i can promise a draw of 50+- i'm from there.