Monday, July 2, 2007

NO AGE...Weirdo Rippers

NO AGE is having a YEAR. Having just released FIVE records in May, they are now on tour with Mika Miko in Europe. All the while generating more and more attention, it seems, on a weekly basis.

NO AGE is one of my favorite bands right now. So noisy, and yet so melodic. The first-listen simplicity of their sound fools you into not understanding their genius. But the more you listen it's clear that they are truly a special band. I'm not going to go so far as to say that "they are the future", because that's annoying AND corny. But they sure are a big part of mine, and should at least have chance of becoming part of yours. As you can tell, I'm not going to try and decribe their sound too much. Just listen for yourself.

On June 11, No Age released "Weirdo Rippers" on Fat Cat. It's a collection of all 5 vinyl only eps released in May 2007. They are from Los Angeles. Enjoy this video for "Boy Void".

Fat Cat Records / NO AGE bio link

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eve massacre said...

that 'weirdo rippers' album is plain awesome. i can't wait to see them live.