Thursday, July 26, 2007

Skullz been chillin' (but not for long!)

So the Skullz have taken this week off kinda. Sure, The Prayers played at Belly Up with Noisettes yada yada yada, but generally it's a mellow week. I don't know about those other dogs but I've been chillin'. Jogging a bit and marinating on where my life's going. I know Andrew's on big time vacation. Spearing catfish or whatever, going down to Mexico and living off the fat of the land. Brandon's doing his first 40 hr week in months since he doesn't have to trim his hours due to his drinking. I don't know about Chuck...he's a mysterious ass cat. But he's my dog anyway.

Anyway, we're reconvening this weekend to try and pull off the same old tired shenanigans that have always tended to please the minority.

Friday night The Prayers play at Spaceland in Los Angeles. I love LA. The show is all the bands that are on the upcoming Madonna tribute record that Manimal Vinyl is putting out in the fall. The Prayers recorded "Cherish", by the way. If you're in the greater Los Angeles area please come.

Saturday The Prayers along with the Skull Kontrol dick jockeys are playing a house party in San Diego. Should be bonkers or bananas or maybe both. 2220 Front Street in Bankers Hill. $5.

And what's the deal with Comic Con? Are people for real excited? I've never gotten it. Anyways...

p.s. Next week: the return of Skull Kontrol @ live Wire and Skull Kontrol presents Delta Spirit @ Beauty Bar.

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