Wednesday, July 4, 2007

777. The number of God? Or date of the big fiesta?

This Saturday, 7/7/7, Skull Kontrol Presents is joining forces with controversial blogger and record label founder Scott Pactor of Cat Dirt Records. He's bringing a band from his stable of artists , Fifty On Their Heels. Our end is bringing The Vultures and the Skull Kontrol record players. We've never put on a show/ event with another promoter, mostly cuz we don't like nobody, but this is a special exception. Scott will be signing copies of his new book, "How To Make People Upset And Turn A Profit".

So come experience our controversial methods and techniques. Gawk at the bands and shake a rump to the platters that matter. It's 5 bucks, but free before ten. Oh, and it's at Beauty Bar San Diego. Already sold 65 presale, so get there early!! C-Ya.

And here's a lil' tidbit courtesy of Geocities:

The number 777 is a number which has become to some Christians the symbolic representation of all that is good. To some Christians this number represents to them the perfect trinity of God, this of course is error and without scriptural foundation. The number 777 and it's erred symbolism is without a doubt a number whose symbolism has been created by some well meaning Christians. The number 777 representing to many of them, the perfect trinity of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (*yawn* Time 2 party!!)

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