Friday, July 6, 2007

45 rpm heaven

Next weekend the Skullz are going to San Francisco. We're putting on a show at The Knockout on Friday and Edinburgh Castle on Saturday. Blah blah blah, details later.

Anyway. What I'm most excited about is visiting Rooky Ricardo's. Holy f'n shit. This place is amazing. It's on Lower Haight, and is the best record store I've ever been to. Mind you, it's a specialty store. It specializes in 60s & 70s soul, northern soul and oldies 45s and lps. Original American vinyl lps and 45s ONLY. It is a dream come true. The last time me and Andrew were there we must have spent an hour just listening to 45s. The owner (whose name escapes me) is a vault of information. Totally friendly too. Maybe too friendly. He asked me what song was on my mind, and not only got me that song, but a stack of 45s that are similar. I spent 120 dollars!! But every record I got is such a gem. Oh man, one of those goddamn record was 40 dollars alone..."Big Bad World" by Cathy Saint. It rules.

So I already sent my wish list, so the rest of these guys can suck it. Maybe I'll even sneak away from these fools so I won't have any competition anyway. I could totally see Brandon hogging all the good stuff. You should SEE this guy. And Chuck? FORGET it.

After next weekend I'll write a list of what I bought. And maybe I can post pictures of the amazing amount of records in stock.

Rooky Ricardo's
448 haight st. (bet. fillmore & webster)
san francisco
1-6 mon-fri
12-5 sat-sun

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