Sunday, July 8, 2007

Melissa Etheridge @ Live Earth

Did anyone see Melissa Etheridge on those Live Earth concerts? I was in shock. Don't ask why I even had it on...I was just flipping channels and there she was. And I was glued. It was so ridiculous. Fuck I wish it was up on Youtube. You can see it here though.

Melissa Etheridge song/speech

Her rant in the middle of the song? Oh man. I was embarassed and pleased at the same time. I was so bummed I was alone, because I wanted to share these emotions so bad. She takes herself so seriously. So earnest. You go girl? I love when the drums are shuffling and everything quiets down for her to have the floor.

Anyway, I hope somebody finds enjoyment. Warning: the "song" is horrible, so beware.

I'm going to Dan Wise's famous jazz night at the Whistle Stop. It has a Cheers type vibe on Sundays. I'm like Dan's Frasier Crane...and he's my...who was...that little dwarf lady? Curly hair. Married to Danny DeVito? Anyway...

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