Monday, July 2, 2007

The Young Knives

They're fuckin' ugly and nerdy and are from Oxford but The Young Knives are brilliant and they pack a high brow punk punch that sits well in your collection next to Gang Of Four (New album produced by Andy Gill, guitar player for Gang Of Four) and XTC (No affiliation, both share a love for exuberance). For several months I ignored all of the accolades and jubilance the Uk press spouted about these nerds because they tend to make a big fuss over absolute shit (i.e. The Gossip), once I stopped judging the book (Young Knives' Voices of Animals and Men CD/LP) by it's cover (The cover is a photograph of a bizarre wickerman type figure and a nerd in an over coat standing next to each other on a street corner) I bought it, on trade, and decided that if Andy Gill (Gang Of Four) likes them and he always looks pissed off then I must too because I always look pissed off. You be the judge. The video below is for my favorite song "She's Attracted To".


Reelmandy said...

You were screaming at your mom and I was punching your dad. Fucking awesome.

Morgan said...

Nice call Charles,damn good tune and fab production.

And yes, The Gossip = a dogshit burrito.