Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Golden State schedule.

Hair raising schedule? Or hair-brained schemes. Sometimes we skullz bite off a litle more than we can chew. Then again, we can chew quite a lot. So listen here for the next week's bullcrap and hundreds of miles travelled.

Friday 7/13

Booty Kontrol San Francisco - The Prayers, The Vultures LIVE, Skullz djing before and between bands, then Booty Bassment djs Dimitri Dickinsen and Ryan Poulsen takeover for dancing N rap N shit. @ The Knockout. $3. 3223 Mission , San Francisco CA

Saturday 7/14

The Muslims join The Prayers and The Vultures for a noisy night at Edinburgh Castle. Not sure if we're playing records or not. No big anyway.
@ Edinburgh Castle. $5. 950 Geary Street San Francisco CA

Tuesday 7/17

Oh dear the skullz return to our beloved San Diego. Tuesday are a favorite of ours @ Live Wire. They're fun yet not crazy and they give us a chance to do a night with a theme. Different genre ideas. We're not sure what we're doing on Tuesday, but show up and fuck it. It's free. And if any of you wise apples have an idea, let's hear it. @ Live Wire FREEEE. Oh and Pat is the best bartender.

Thursday 7/19

Booty Kontrol San Diego - The Prayers and The Roman Spring LIVE. All the skullz playing before and after bands and then Dimitri Dickinsen of Booty Bassment does the rump thing. Like rap N shit. Kinda like what we're doing in San Francisco...but a little different. $5. @ The Casbah in San Diego, CA.

fUnfUn plus more.

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catdirt said...

dj sophie for tuesday night. seriously, you'll dig the set.