Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tonight. Party time.

Like I wrote earlier in the week, we're putting on a party tonight with the Cat Dirt camp. The world's most controversial blog and us, the goofy Skullz. The Vultures are playing, as is Fifty On Their Heels. We're offering a sweaty, raucous dance floor. Jams, jams and more jams. No electro (do you realize how upset some dorks get at those two words?). So please come and share in the magic.

Skull Kontrol / Cat Dirt presents

Saturday Night Dance Party!

"DJs" Sir Charles, Andrew Miller, Brandon Welchez and Mario Orduno


Fifty On Their Heels

The Vultures

$5 (free before ten)
9-2am , 21 N up
@ Beauty Bar San Diego

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