Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Skull Kontrol Presents Mika Miko FLYER

I think this should be a pretty nice time considering members of the five best bands in Southern California will be on the premises. Buy the new "666" record by Mika Miko on PPM Records. Then buy the new Prayers ep, "God Save The Prayers" on Art Fag Recordings. Shit. Then go buy all five NO AGE records on various labels all released this month. Ok, then wait patiently for Art Fag's first two full length albums by The Vultures and The Muslims. It's all that matters. (This blog crap seems pretty useful already.)


catdirt said...

i thought mm was on krs? or do they not actually release records, just sign artist and make them sit around?

Mario Orduno said...

They can release what they want where they want fuckface.