Friday, May 29, 2009

Expressway To Yr Skull

When our night in San DIego, Skull Kontrol, at Live Wire ended due to license restrictions we were all super duper sad. These nights were MAGIC. Packed and loud, Thursdays were like New Year's Eve every week. Punk, rap, oldies, noisy ear hole cleaners and anything we wanted were spun shockingly to the enjoyment of all the fools that came through the doors.

Well I'm happy to announce a new night to give new life to our mangled up vision. This Thursday, we (Crocodiles' Sir Charles & Brandon and myself) start Expressway To Yr Skull at Soda Bar. There'll be new things to offer here including booking bands every now and then that we're proud to bring to our teeny, sunny and beloved San Diego. It will usually be free, or a tiny baby cover charge if we have a live groop. I hope if you are around you can make it out one of these messes. This week we have a special guest, Los Angeles' Andrew Miller.

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