Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Updates And Whatnot : If Yr In San Diego, California

SO here are the nights/shows that we're working on in the next few weeks. Feel free to attend all of them.

Friday 6/19

Hawnay Troof, BAADDD (Australia), Ale Mania, and DJs Mario Orduno & Jeff Graves @ Soda Bar / $5

Sunday 6/21

Religious Girls (East Bay, CA) and Our Brother The Native (Ann Arbor, Michigan) LIVE & DJ Mario Orduno @ Too Many Creeps @ The Whistle Stop / FREE

Friday 6/26

Woven Bones (Austin, TX), Sunday Times, The Anasazis, Heavy Hawaii and DJ Mario Orduno @ Soda Bar / $4

Aren't these SICK things?

1 comment:

Raquel Medina-Cleghorn said...

OMG lyke I am soooooooooooooooo excyted 4 all dis stuffz! c u 2-nyte!