Tuesday, March 9, 2010

San Diego Schedule, Bookings By Art Fag Recordings

March 16 - TUESDAY - Past Lives (ex Blood Brothers, Chromatics), Heavy Hawaii (Art Fag Recordings, Wild World), Neon Dick, Jungle Fever. DJs Mario Orduno and some other fool. THE CASBAH.

March 26 - FRIDAY - Oldies/60s/Ska/Rock Steady DANCING NIGHT @ THE WHISTLE STOP. FREE. PLUS JUST ADDED, Heavy Hawaii LIVE!!

March 28 - SUNDAY - Too Many Creeps - BLACK TAMBOURINE & DUM DUM GIRLS record release party. Listening party and giveaways courtesy of Sub Pop and Slumberland. Limited Art Fag cassettes also available. FREE. WHISTLE STOP.

March 31 - WEDNESDAY - Dirty Beaches & Jeans Wilder. Oldies and 60s tunes by DJs Brandon Welchez, Charles Rowell & Mario Orduno. FREE @ THE WHISTLE STOP.

April 24 - SATURDAY -Blank Dogs & Cosmetics @ THE CASBAH.

May 8 - SATURDAY - Christmas Island, The Beets & German Measles @ SODA BAR.

June 2 - WEDNESDAY - Woods, Fresh & Onlys, Heavy Hawaii @ SODA BAR.

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Anonymous said...

The moments I wished I lived in San Diego.