Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mutating Meltdown / San Diego / Aug 7


One of my favorite records released this year is the Mutating Meltdown 7" on M'Lady's Records. It's post punk, no wave, distorted disco GOLD. Veronica & Erin from Finally Punk are 2/3 of MM, and I think it's their best project yet (although I love the fuck out of all of 'em, nuff raspeck).

Well all that being said, I'm straight trippin' that they're on tour now and on the way to sunny San Diego on Aug 7. Badass. They're playing a kinda big deal at Soda Bar. Beaters are playing and celebrating their new 7" release, along with Christmas Island, Wicked Awesomes and Le Face. Also, for extra added pleasure bonus, Crocodiles' Brandon will finally be back to help me clean the earholes of all the unsuspecting guests.

8 BUCKS playa...

Oh wait, how bout the flier huh? Gay Chicanos. All expressing themselves. What a find.

Lastly, check the Mutating Meltdown Myspace thing for all the tour info. They're playing literally EVERYWHERE so go see 'em!!

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Also, Mutating Meltdown's tape is available at the Skrot Up website: