Friday, July 10, 2009

Tuesday / Friday: Super Kool Shit In San Diego

Jesus Christmas, this week has some ridiculous shows in San Diego if I do say so myself. Why don't we take a minute to discuss for the kool San Diegans in the house. Let 'em in on what's what around here. So SD fools read on and don't miss these shenanigans.


Firstly, on Tuesday, Mika Miko, the best punk band in California returns for the first time since 'We Be Xuxa' was released. Yes, they are the best punk band in California, take it from me an extremely unpunk proud Californian. Fullerton's Audacity is coming with them. Not too shabby these noisy 'slop poppers' (that's their own description). Lastly, on the big ticket is arguably San Diego's best band, Beaters. I can't think of a band that excites me more to see right now. Worthy of the price of admission, my friend Julianna and I will be playing all kinds of nuggets between bands. Perfect Tuesday.


K, so now fast forward to Friday. Sonofabitch this night is going to be special. This one's at The Whistle Stop and it's free. Beaters are playing again. This time last. They're the big dogs on this one. Coming down from LA is Best Coast, one of the best new things on the planet. So good, that I'm releasing a 7" very very soon. I've written about BC before, so scroll down and read if you don't know. Pearl Harbour is joining BC down the raod from LA. From what i here all kinds of LA stoners are coming down here. Also, scroll down and read my thing about Pearl Harbour. They rule. My good friend Jeff Graves and I will be playing punk rippers between bands and soul 'n' oldies stompers after. You know, the ladies like to dance so why cheat 'em.

Convinced? See you San Diego...and bring yr party hat.

I'd like to add, I'm quite proud of the Friday night flier/poster. Nice lookin' piece. The Tuesday one, rather is an uninspired piece of shit. i should be ashamed of myself. Man does it stink. All it is is a Wipers inner sleeve zeroxed with words sloppily placed on. I hope fools still come.

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JGraves said...

ugh... your taste in music is so predicable and stifling.