Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heavy Hawaii / New Songs To Trip To


If you've ever wondered what it would sound like if Brian Wilson would have doubled up on drugs you're in for a treat. San Diego's Heavy Hawaii
sent me over a couple o' trax and my mind is blown. Jam packed with bright sunny melody, these songs out do even their own stellar 'Sleeping Bag' from the Bathetic tape. There's something lovely, yet tripped out about these slow jams. 'Teen Angel' sounds like Phil Spector's genius template with a scary circus sound tossed in for extra bonus freakiness. 'Philly Games' is an underwater love song that's sung by a high as the sky romeo. You don't believe me? Click, stream and treat yourself below...

Heavy Hawaii - Philly Games

Heavy Hawaii - Teen Angel

Heavy Hawaii plays in San Diego November 10 with Yellow Fever, Nude Boy, and Jungle Fever at Soda Bar. Freakout sounds provided between by yours truly. It costs 5 dollars. Much more in the works by these dudes, stay tuned.

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