Saturday, October 10, 2009

Summer Bummer, Get Laid, Get Wasted Tape OUT NOW


Bathetic Records has just released a stellar cassette compilation with the above title. It has all the summer faves on it. I'll allow them to describe it:

We're so stoked to put this out... This is, hands down, probably the greatest compilation mixtape you'll ever own. Laid out to showcase the blissful chaos of a perfect summer. Soak your brain in the warm transition from summer to fall when everything goes all orange and red and burns up and cools out. Sixty perfectly golden moments of shimmering vibes. Totally fuckin awesome! Pro-dubbed cassettes with Pro-printed artwork!

So there were 300 made but there's no more than 299 now cuz I just bought mine. You can buy it here. And check the tracklist below:

Young Governor - Demands Of Me
Eden Express - On The Beach
Cough Cool - Rainbow God
Cat Killer - Tree Limbs Together
Pink Priest - Field Of Orgasms
Norse Horse - Never Seen The Sea
Nude Beach - Nude Beach
Ouija - Sue Tissue
Julian Lynch - Basement Jam
Angel Olsen - Your Train, My Home
Heavy Hawaii - Sleeping Bag
Dirty Beaches - Drunk Driving
Strange Frames - Not One To Talk
Deep Sht - Hiss This
The North Sea - Crowned King Of July
The Super Vacations - Yellow Hissing
Flight - State Trooper (Springsteen Cover)
Jeans Wilder - Please?
Jen Paul - Sailor's Ball On Ghost At Sea
Best Coast - Sun Was High (So Was I) [Demo Version]

Don't miss out!

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