Monday, February 11, 2008

A Lover's Special - Valentine's Day 2008

Grab your gal or guy and come down to The Casbah in San Diego this Thursday. Cupid's gonna be there with all his arrows and stuff. There'll not only be a big show full of the finest live acts in the county, but we're gonna have a poloroid photo booth. I know, I know, you thinking how in the hell can they pull this off? Shoot. We got it going on, that's how. Poloroids for you and your god damned fucking boo. Isn't that special? And just for extra added bonus, we're offering slow jams between bands. Everything from Boyz II Men to Luther Vandross. You think that's enough? Well fuck you holmes cuz we gots more. After the live rock acts we're offering a no holds barred dance party. That's right baby bish, a full on "throw your hands in the air" type affair. So save up your shekels and plan on it. It's this Thursday and it starts early so don't be a loser. You'll be left outside with your god damned fucking boo looking like a god damned fucking chump.

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Anonymous said...

I went to the Casbah last night and I have a few questions.

Are you guys the same Prayers that I saw a year ago? Not a single member looked familiar and I don't remember there being keys. Did all of the original members die on tour and now a group of imposters are playing the band's songs?

Are you guys playing any time soon?

Was the bassist the dude from The Vultures?

Was the non-singing guitarist from Vinal Radio?

and finally did you guys switch back over to hetero?