Friday, February 29, 2008

Dada With Juice, The Orange Juice VHS Tape

Speaking of tapes, I love to be in possession of a great VHS tape that never made it to dvd. Among them are Metallica's Cliff 'Em All, Morrissey's Hulmerist, Decline Of Western Civilization Pts. 1 & 2, Traci Lords pornos, etc. Anyway, one of the ones I would love to own is Orange Juice's Dada With Juice. It has all their videos and some tv crap. You love Orange Juice? Well you should.

Here's a fave from the collection. Video number 5, Simply Thrilled Honey.

P.S. Star Wars VHS don't count. I mean, at least I don't care about them.


Anonymous said...

Hulmerist is available on DVD.

Mario Orduno said...

look at you!! All smarter. Thanks. Is it in print now?