Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Punk Byrds, The American Smiths

Fuck, this footage is good. R.E.M. circa '85. German TV show Rockpalast. My favorite R.E.M. song of all time, Harborcoat from Reckoning, their best record. And guess what I bought yesterday, fuckface. Reckoning on cassette. To have a record in three formats is pretty stupid. Shit, maybe four, though, because I got it in ye olde iTunes as well.

I hope everybody understands it's ok to like R.E.M.. Most people think their gay right? Well, the shit rules. The perfect indie band. You'd be a serious pecker to think otherwise.

By the way, the show Rockpalast ruled. You should look it up. So many good bands played on it and the footage is always super good. I'm not linking you dog, I'm not in the mood.


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Little Robbie said...

I've been on a huge R.E.M. kick lately.