Friday, March 28, 2008

NO KONTROL / Kill Me Tomorrow , Mika Miko LIVE

Guess what sucker. I'm puttiing on the most important deal tomorrow night. I don't say that often (pronounced OFFEN), so cut me some slacks. Plural. Anyway, my dance club thing, NO KONTROL is tomorrow at the one and only Whistle Stop in San Diego, California. KIll Me Tomorrow and Mika Miko are playng live and direct. Two of Southern California's BEST underground bands. Los Angeles' Andrew Miller will be djing with me. Big Orduno. Dance floor anarchy. Nothing will be taken seriously I promise. Chupa mi pito if you can't make it.


Punk / Dancing / Records / Fun

Kill Me Tomorrow LIVE
Mika Miko LIVE

DjS Andrew Miller + Mario OrduNO

$5 @ The Whistle Stop in San Diego, California...TOMORROW, March 29.

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