Saturday, March 15, 2008

What Happened

So part of the reason I was up at all hours writing dumb blogs was that I couldn't sleep. I couldn't sleep because I was going to the swap meet this morning and I was way excited. I wanted to buy massive amounts records and cassettes. Maybe an old Sony Walkman. Fuck it, maybe a pin. A BUST. What the hell? What happened? I saw three stacks of records all day and a booth with some supposed big shot with "high end" vinyl. He had 40 dollars on a Help reissue. Fuck you and fuck that holmes. I found one stack of cassettes with a water logged (What's The Story) Morning Glory, Jerky Boys 3 and Nas' It Was Written. It Was Written had 2.99 on it. I offered a dollar and took it. Oh, I forgot, an EPMD cassingle. Whatever. That's it. Clothes? No. My most lucky find was a bag of peanuts for 2 bucks. Unsalted.

That was my first time since 2004. I guess I'll try again in 2012.

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