Friday, March 28, 2008

The Poet AMG And A Sampling Of His Works

Have you guys ever read the works of the poet AMG of the Los Angeles area? Oh dear did he have a way with the pen and paper. His knack for being sexually frank was his forte. And his tolerance for women of all walks of life and race was to be commended. I am moved by him and so I thought I'd share a passage from his literary masterpiece, "Bitch Betta Have My Money". Enjoy.

ain't nothin like black pussy on my dick
Word to the motherfuckin DJ Quik
I play hoes like dominoes, slappin bones
AMG's on the motherfuckin microphone
I slang dick bitch, nuttin more and nuttin less
You got a C-note hoe? You can take the test
And bring big fat titties and lots of back
You got the woody, and I got the axe
I'm no joke when I stroke for a client
Bitches need dick, so they buyin it
G with the high top fade
Open up ya coach bag; bitch, so I can get paid
And take off your G-string drawers
Bitch eat your Wheaties, cause I don't pause
What are you laughing at? Ain't a damn thing funny
(Bitch betta have my money!)"

AMG, comin like a motherfuckin nut
Hoes with the big butts, I bust big guts
Pussy, sit it on my dick and I'll be fuckin it
Always there's a smile on my face cause I be lovin it
I do damage to a red-bone
A light skinned freak, for gettin my bed on
And I play these hoes like a trumpet
Bend 'em up and bump it, but see I'm leavin ya
Cause that's how the game goes
Off comes your clothes, I'll pull out the rubber hose
And stick it in your mouth it's kinda funny
(Life ain't nothin but bitches and money)"

"Crack kills, but not this kind
I try to get ahead when I get behind
I wish I was a pair of panties full grown
So when you put 'em on, I could be home sweet home
And if you got a weave it don't matter
Dump the chitter-chatter, I wanna get it on
You know like give a dog a bone and I'm the K-9
A big black Rin-Tin-Tin with a grin
So let me get a sip of this Nighttrain
So we can do the right thang
And be just like Redhead, 'Pump it Hottie'
But let me feel your body (WHY?) for the jiggable pie"

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