Monday, March 10, 2008

I Hate Guitars.

Not really, but I do hate guitar players, ESPECIALLY if they're good. This could be a knee-jerk reaction to that fact that I personally suck at guitar, but I can't be alone here. Don't you hate the sight of some cocksucker wincing on stage, as if "shredding" or "ripping" or whatever is painful? And don't tell me that stupid look these bozos get on their faces has something to do with "feeling it" or "their art" or whatever. There's nothing artistic about shredding. It's guitar-athletics. It's basically being Bo Jackson, only with your fingers. These fucking guys.

Well, this cat in Finland must feel the same way I do cuz he made these totally redonks videos completely mocking these guitar playing assholes. Basically he cuts out the sound and then overdubs his own jokey guitar playing (and drums and vocals). Take a peek:

Evidently the guy who does this is pretty well known, he was even on Jimmy Kimmel "shredding" live to a video of Slash, (who was also a guest - and didn't look look like he thought it was funny), but I never knew cuz I don't have a TV and my head's in my ass.

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Anonymous said...

No you are right I hate guitar players, I find some of them to be snobs and they think they are better human beings than the rest of us. Sure we should admire them for what they do, but they dont endear themselves and they behave like geeks. Even people who dont professional play guitar but are probably 'quite good' behave like they are better people and usually boast about it. Last thing is I really hate the name of the instrument, it sounds silly.