Friday, March 7, 2008

Mika Miko, Kill Me Tomorrow LIVE In San Diego, 3/29

Our favorite punk band is coming back to town. Mika Miko. They'll be playing at my worldwide unknown dance club called No Kontrol @ The Whistle Stop. Kill Me Tomorrow are going to share the stage as well. Andrew Miller and I are going to lull your dancing shoes to sleep. Start saving your shekels cuz it costs 5, count 'em, FIVE dollars.

Here's a Mika Miko video for their fucking Business Cats song. From 2007, man.


Anonymous said...

i don't wanna miss out on this.
can you tell me - is it possible to get tickets for the whistlestop aheada time?

Mario Orduno said...
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Mario Orduno said...

Hi. There won't be any presale. But I can guarantee you'll get in if you go at 9:30. The masses seem to arrive at 10. GZlad you're looking forward to it!