Monday, March 3, 2008

A New Night In San Diego, OUT OF VOGUE @ Starlite

'Ello. It took me far too long to check out this new place in San Diego called Starlite. It's really cool. It's unlike any bar/restaurant I've been to, not only in San Diego, but anywhere. I usually like "dives", and am easily turned off by a fake fanciness of a new bar, but Starlite is designed and decorated so nice without being cheesy. I most definitely recommend it. In fact, why not go tomorrow? Brandon and myself have started a new weekly there called Out Of Vogue. I'm not going to waste any time trying to decribe the music, I think you should just go and trust me. If you wanted to eat, you should know that the kitchen closes at midnight. Te bar is open from 6-2. We start at 9.

Out Of Vogue
DJs Mario Orduno / Brandon Welchez
Tuesday Nights At Starlite

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Melissa said...

they look like they serve nice drinks.