Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art Fag Recordings Mailing List

2009 was a great year for us here at Art Fag Recordings. Three records we're really proud of, Ye Olde Maids LP, the 4 way split 7" and of course Best Coast's debut 7" all came out and to a great response. Admittedly, things at times got disorganized and we found it tough to to keep up and communicate properly. A lot has been worked out in order to organize better and things should be running far smoother this year. One thing we have now is a mailing list. Mailing list members will receive updates on all releases as they come in. When we have a new record ready, a repress ready, or when things are about to sell out an email will be sent. Mailing list members will always get first dibs on records one to two weeks before shops, regular mail order and distribution. To become part of the Art Fag Recordings mailing list please write to and write MAILING LIST in the subject line. You'll be added and on your way to a far more enjoyable life. 2010!

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