Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vivian Girls + Best Coast + Dunes + San Diego = FUN


What in the HELL is up with this night, right? It's perfect and fun and it's in San Diego Feb 4. Vivian Girls is one of the best groops of the last couple years, every record/song they've put out has been tops. My love for Best Coast goes w/o saying. A big part of Art Fag Recordings' wild and fun 2009, Best Coast always knocks everyone's socks clear off. Dunes is (along with Pearl Harbor) the most happening new shit in Los Angeles. Art Fag is releasing a 7" in 2010 and we're kinda ecstatic. Between groops you'll be listening to punk rippers and oldies magic. $10. You can get tix here, and maybe you should cuz you never know...

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Mike said...

Did Pearl Harbor pull out of this show? They are really the main reason I wanted to go. I do like Vivian Girls and Best Coast, but not as much as Peal Harbor. Who are Dunes?