Saturday, May 31, 2008

Black Tambourine

I just bought one of these god damned cds yesterday. Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet, you know? Not everything is going to be available on lp, 7" or 12". Some of these god damned things were never even ON vinyl, bless their hearts. So I had to have this music by this fantastically remarkable band, Black Tambourine. It's their complete recordings, which sadly is only ten jam cuts. TEN JAM CUTS. Anyway, this fabulous foursome were from D.C. and handled their business between the years 89-91. They only played a few shows before disbanding, but in that short time I believe they made magic. You know those genres, C86, indie pop and twee? Well that's what this shit is. Below you will find a really cool video for one of their songs, "Throw Aggi Off The Bridge".

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Melissa said...

Bands like this make me feel like I could die and everything would be alright. Shee't.