Monday, May 5, 2008

The Toys

I am one lucky ass duck. I bought the loveliest record today and I'm thrilled. The Toys 1967 lp "The Toys Sing A Lover's Concerto And Attack". This is one of the best records I've ever, ever heard. These young gals ruled with this lp and the singles that followed. In fact they gave the frickin' Supremes a run for their money, getting to number 2 on the charts with only D. Ross and the gals above them. Check out how cute and nervous they look in the video below. Is it ok to say cute? It seems weird rolling off my fingers. Anyway, the point is this gem of a record is now mine. 'Nuff said.

Two lil' side notes. How weird is that big jaw in the background? A little tie in to the Attack lyric, weird. Also if those god damned juicy melodies sound familiar, it's because they had the same song writing team behind Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons. Although nobody seems to think ol' Frankie is cool, the fool had songs man.

Oh! One more side note. The first track is the original version of Can't Get Enough Of You Baby, that was ruined by Smash Mouth. How UGLY was that fat cat anyway?

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Mario said...

That was filmed at The Haunted House in Hollywood. I think it's been gone for a while. here is a cool album cover that was shot there:

I like the video. I always wanted the Monster stage on video.