Tuesday, May 13, 2008

'Slims / Carrots / F Magic

Man oh man oh manomanoman. Last night was a doozy. Just pure magic. It was like as good as it gets. Last night, here in San Diego, I set up a nice little thing. Not only did we have The Carrots from Austin visiting, but we had our best friends The Muslims for a homecoming AND a live recording. Fantastic magic was also in pure magic form. Engineers Ben Moore and Mitch Wilson did an amazing job on the recording. Even the sound check practice recording was worthy of release. You Muslims fans are in for a nice treat. Look for it to be released in a speedy fashion too. No b.s.

But let's take a minute to chat about The Carrots shall we? Madre de dios these fuckers are good. 4 gals and two dudes. The most refreshing thing I've seen live in a whiles. I've enjoyed their music for months now, but to see them live was better than I thought it could be. Everyone in the room was blown away. Their choice in covers was great too!! They played one of my all time favorite songs, Breakaway by Irma Thomas. I blogged about that song a while back, remember? Anyways, if these jokers come into your town on this tour, don't fuck yourself over and miss it. You'll feel like a total boner for doing so.

That's it. I just had to share some thoughts.


Michael said...

Fucking shit. I feel like a total dunce assclown for missing this.

Junior said...

The Carrots are the shit! Thanks for the hook up mang!

Mario said...

Thanks for bringing the Carrots. I've been excited ever since you posted about them months ago.Very nice people too. It was a great show. Having the Muslims there was icing on the cake.