Friday, September 26, 2008

Psycho Stick

When I was a kid I skated for like 3 months. I just didn't get into it like everyone else did. But for that one summer that I wanted to be in Bones Brigade, I got this eyesore. The Psycho Stick by Vision. Dude. I got it with all the amenities too. Clear grip tape with "Slimeballs" sticker underneath, rail guards, tail guard and even those weird guards that went on the trucks. I had Gullwing trucks and Slimeball wheels. Ha, how embarassing. And that shit was expensive. My poor's in their garage looking brand new. The only wear on it came from leaving it in the rain. And don't get me wrong, I loved skating...from the couch and via videos. Does anyone have that 1989/90 Zorlac video? I loved that video.


Pseudo Pion said...

wanna sell it?

Skull Kontrol said...

Hey boss, this is Mario. I don't think so. Silly, but it's that "memories" type shit you know? Who knows, too, maybe I'll dust it off and pull an ollie. Maybe a hoho. Do they still do hohos?