Thursday, September 18, 2008

Willy Graves 1980-2008

Over the weekend, a dear friend passed away. Willy Graves. He was the bass player for The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower and The Prayers. To anybody who ever had the privilege to spend any time with him, he was FAR more. A funny, lovable, kind, talented and beautiful person. We spoke too little toward the time of his death, as he moved away a bit ago. But when we were together things were so great. We spent so many great times together. So many. I'm going to miss laughing with him. I'm going to miss the times he listened to a problem and really saw a positive I could feel good about. I'm going to miss his sometimes CRAZY driving in the van. I'm going to miss giving him a hug and saying, "What's Up Bill.". I'm going to miss him playing music. I'm going to miss seeing his kind and warm face. Willy did not have a mean bone in his body. Really. He never ever did a messed up thing to anybody. That's rare right? Somebody's always bustin' on somebody. Not Willy. He was just nothing but sweetness to anybody he met. Willy was a big part of our lives here, and we're really going to have a hard time and we'll always have a hole in our hearts.

I'll always love you Willy. And so will so many others. xoxo.


Perpetually Twelve Internet Show said...

We all love Willy forever. Thank you for posting this man.

Lawrence Braun said...

thanks for posting. my thoughts go out to you, his family, and everyone that was close to him.