Friday, September 12, 2008

Video Rewind : Am I Demon By Danzig

I go back and forth between deeming this shit as hilarious crap and just plain ol' bad ass. I mostly think it's funny though. The drummer beating his drums like a big gorilla cracks me up. These fucking guys. John Christ, Eerie Von, Chuck Biscuits and Glenn Danzig. Get the fuck OUTTA here. Hey, anybody know what in the hell Danzig says between 2:16 and 2:28?

Editor's Note: Sorry for posting Twist of Cain by accident. I had shot up a ton of heroin and made a mistake. Enjoy Am I Demon.


SELECT said...

my friend was standing next to danzig when he got his ass knocked out by danny from north side kings

ikes said...

i think he says:

Ditto Bra!
No Way!
Whoa yeah!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the video for "She Rides"?!
That is Hilarious Crap, so "Am I Demon" gets bumped up towards Bad Ass just by default.