Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ulysses Speaks!

So yesterday, I tossed the ol' Nation Of Ulysses "13 Point Program..." long player. Few records hit the spot like this ol' magic piece of work. So I was like trippin' and having a good ol' time and all these memories and fun facts were swirling around when, BANG, I remembered reading about the Ulysses Speaks! zine that NOU used to make. Unfortunately I never got/read one so I thought I'd peruse the ol' webmac to see what I could find. BANG, I found some cool shit. If you're not familiar with NOU, then you're fucked because this is not learning time...it's fun time. But you have, right? Oh dear. If not, then pretend. So NOU put out this zine and it's wonderful. Super cool. Well, there's a blog up dedicated to it and it's creatively called..uh... Ulysses Speaks!. Whoever runs this thing has scanned a bunch of the original zines. You can click 'em and like magic they grow to a reading type size. So go!! Go be cool for a minute. And when you're done, come back over here and watch the vid below and see why Nation Of Ulysses has always been so dear to my heart.

Nation Of Ulysses "Cool Senior High School (Fight Song)" 3-4-91, In DC


seth combs said...

Great fucking record! That and Refused's The Shape of Punk to Come still work me the fuck out!

Brandon said...

Mario! I have one! My copy of 13 point program is pre-owned and had a copy of ulysses speaks and a flier for a san diego show that happened when i was in third grade or something. Come over and we'll beat off to it together!!