Friday, August 3, 2007

Nas under fire for performing at a memorial concert for Virginia Tech?

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"Seven families of victims of the Virginia Tech shootings are outraged that Nas is scheduled to take part in "A Concert for Virginia Tech," The Washington Post reports. The families say the rapper's lyrics are too violent for a show that is being held in the wake of the April tragedy. Nas' lyrics "are indicative of the moral decay in our society that contributes to acts of violence," Vincent J. Bove, a spokesman for the families, told the paper. "For a university official to condone it or to be clueless of what this person's track record is, it's unconscionable beyond belief." University officials responded by saying the announcement of the concert has been getting overwhelmingly positive feedback and that the lineup will not be changed. ..."

Can you imagine? Nas? Nas is such a positive force in hip hop. They obviously didn't do any research. I bet they could have trotted out Dionne Warwick and they woulda gotten the same response. You'd think GG Allin and the Geto Boys were booked the way these rich racists are all up in arms. Look. Your kid died and we all feel bad, but guess what...the fact that your kid died doesn't create a forum for your ignorant racism. These guys...

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