Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's funny how on a plane to the UK the pilot says that we're on "SHEDULE".

*(asterisk)This is not a San Diego SHEDULE or a definitive's the Skullz' (or related) SHEDULE!! Get over it.


Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire. Free. Goofballs Sir Charles (The Prayers & The Vultures) and Mario Orduno (Art Fag Recordings) are preparing a fine, FINE supply of punk, oldies, rap, noisy nuggets, brit pop, rock steady and all things holy. Arrive b4 10 to grab a seat, come b4 12 to make out with one of these "A" holes or they'll be making out with each other (Oh brother!).


Tim Mays of the Casbah is bringing together some of San Diego's most fun djs for this impromptu and FREE party this Friday. It promises to be an oddball mix of styles from the people behind Skull Kontrol, Jive Wire, One Nation and very special guests are on board to dick jockey the night. FREE FREE FREE (and not electro!!). @ The Casbah. DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE n STUFF.


We <3 The Tower Bar. Get with it. Saturday night cum see Australia's The Scare, along with The Vultures and Fifty On Their Heels. The Skullz are offering trebly pulsations that you don't own (along with ones you forgot about). $5.


Geez loo eez!! Just rest, sweetie!! Oh fuck it, don't rest. Go see Kill Me Tomorrow's Dan and Zack as they host SD's fine FINE FINE jazz N blues night, Night Of The Cookers. You never know what drunken jerk is going to roll into this place, The Whistle Stop on Sunday. We love The Whistle Stop on the Lord's know, after services and stuff? Oh one more thing! Dan gets the freakiest films for the big screen and TV. Secret clue: he's kinky!

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