Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Television Personalities and my current obsession with them

I just bought Television Personalities 23 song anthology called "Part Time Punks: The Best Of TVP's" and I can't stop listening to it. I might just be obsessed. It has great liner notes by Creation's Alan McGee and a discography. Worth the 16.98.

If you're not a fan of The TVP's there might just be something wrong with you. Or I really don't know why you follow this blog. TVP's were one of Rough Trade's early artists, releasing their first 7" ep called "Where's Bill Grundy Now" in 1978. Perfect catchy post punk. Singer/ songwriter Dan Treacy sings perfectly with great British pop culture references in his lyrics. He's stil making TVP's records including 2006's "Are We Nearly There Yet?". Evidently ol' Dan Treacy has had bouts with drugs and mental illness and even found himself homeless. They've never sold much but are beloved throughout the planet.

So do yourself a favor and investigate The TVP's. I've done some legwork for you below. And listen to the cd somehow. Good luck getting the vinyl...I've tried a few times and seen the frickin' records go for upwards of one hundred smack-A-roonies. Enjoy.

(oh, and by the way, this video is a fan made one by one of these Swedes, but it's one of my favorite songs so deal with it. The videos kinda charming anyway.

TVP's AllMusic.com entry

TVP's Wikipedia entry

TVP's unofficial Myspace

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