Sunday, December 16, 2007

In Honor Of Big Baby Jesus

This Thursday is the 2007 X-Mas edition of Skull Kontrol. It should be bananas. We're giving away jingle bells too. Real live GODDAMN jingle fucking balls. With red and green pipe cleaners to wrap that shit around your wrist. This set me back $10.43, so I hope you appreciate it. Also, mixed in to all the rad and loud punk, rap and crap, there'll be the odd xmas song thrown in for good measure. And we've been stocking up! WE got The Chipmunks xmas record, the fuckin' Run DMC xmas song, the Mariah Carey xmas song. Even Dr. Demento's xmas record (a classic). All this in honor of Big Baby Jesus. See ya there fuckface.

Oh yeah!! And get there early to grab a booth and listen to the musical tastes of Branden and Derek of The Atoms.

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