Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mo' Ike Rememberance

I saw this fool once. I was at a James Brown concert over at ye olde Humphrey's(?) by the bay. It was a great JB show, but my favorite part of the whole night was when this son of a B, Ike Turner, walked on stage, guitar strapped on, plugged himself in, played a solo and walked off. Never did he once look at James Brown OR the crowd. It was pretty bad ass.

It's a shame he sullied his fucking name by doing those beatings. Fucking idiot. Realistically, his obit will always read: "Rock & Roll Creator And Shameful Ogre Of A Man...Ike Turner 1931-2007". Fucking idiot, but damn the music was unfuckwittable.

Like Brandon said, come show some 'spects for the music tomorrow night at Tower. I have two I can't WAIT to play.


Anonymous said...

nice use of unfuckwittable

Morgan said...

I played drums with Ike for a little less than 3 months before moving to Fantasiego. Whaa? Craaaazy-ass times. Times like walking into the rehearsal studio as he was getting a BJ on top of a baby grand piano. An embarrassing but priceless moment. Learned a lot from this man. Super missed.