Saturday, December 8, 2007

Winter Wonderland With A Keg...Tonight

Dance party provided by your favorite dick jockeys, Mario Orduno, Sir Charles, Brandon Welchez and Jeff Graves.


Dimitri said...

How was the Big Winter Blowout-Palooza? Our night was a bit boring, other than the fact that Ikah and I both found ourselves engaged in some "freaking" and "grinding" with a couple young ladies of questionable chastity. It was great. I'm sure there will be some photographs of us disrespecting ourselves on the dancefloor floating around the cyberwebz sometime soon. I'm such an idiot.

Mario Orduno said...

The Winter Wack Off went really well. Not legend status, but there's always next time. We let a bad band play regrettably, and they played forever. But it was a cool party. I was able to throw people on the hardwood for bumping the turntables which is always fun. And in response to you and Ikah? It's your guys' drinking. Every time with you guys!!