Monday, December 3, 2007

Sexual Eruption

Big Snoop Dogg. What the f? This song is ridiculous. What the hell. He's back on the pot? You could only make a song and video like this if you're back on the pot. I hate the pot, by the way. But I am very seductive cat, and that's probably why song this speaks to me. But back to the video. The voice box tube in his MOUF? Ha. And the damn dance moves! Alright, I'll get off his nuts.

Snoop's Sensual Seduction


Dimitri said...

This video just made my day. Thanks, Big Uncle Snoopy Doggz. Love your balls to death.

Morgan said...

Oh...this is great! I've never even knew about this until now. The Mothership Connection meets Sexual Healing meets WTF? I'd love to hear the vocal with out the pitch correction. That would be comedy. Maybe even an instrumental version.