Sunday, December 16, 2007


Oops. I forgot to post this. The fine folks at Vice Magazine sent me this in November. I'm posting it now. NO AGE was featured on VBS.TV's Practice Space show. VBS TV is Vice's online TV channel. The feature's good so check it.

Here are some notes by Practice Space host Ryan Duffy:

"The No Age episode of Practice Space sort of felt like cheating, what with the guys being from LA and doing most of their practicing out there. But their surge of popularity and resulting tour schedule necessitated a NYC practice space as well, and the fact that they just happen to be the two nicest kids on Earth made it quite easy to find a friend willing to donate some room in his wood shop. Far be it from us to pass up a chance to hang with one of the more exciting bands in the states on a hometown technicality." -Ryan Duffy

NO AGE on Practice Space, on VBS.TV

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