Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Althea And Donna - Uptown Top Ranking

I love this song. There are some songs that no matter who you are, you like it. Examples: Tally Ho! by The Clean, Teenage Kicks by The Undertones, Lo Boob Oscilator by Sereolab, Ca Plane Por Moi by Plastic Bertrand, the first five Ramones records and this, Uptown Top Ranking by Althea And Donna. Ha, after writing that list, it also seems that sometimes you record a song so perfect that your career is fucked. Anyway, can you believe these gals were 17 and 18? Produced by Joe Gibbs, co-written by Errol Thompson.

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MNDR said...

literally one of my favorite duo's of all time.
Althea and Donna Uptown Ranking a true classic.